WisCon 41 Wrap Up

I’m home, finally. Well I’m at least in my home state, after a weekend of traveling, paneling and getting to hang out with friends that I only get to see a few times a year. That’s right friends, for the 4th(?) year in a row I spent Memorial Day weekend at WisCon.

I was especially excited this year, because along with meeting friends and doing panels, I got to guest DJ at The Floomp VII: Fairy Tales. I was nervous beforehand, because I’d only ever disc jockeyed smaller parties so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to entertain the folks at the big dance party of WisCon. Turns out I did a pretty good job, and I’m glad I got to share music I like with a bunch of people who just wanted to dance! To the folks who organized the party, I am truly thankful for being able to DJ, and to the folks who had so many nice things to say afterwards, thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad so many people had so much fun.

Another exciting thing that happened at this years WisCon was the expansion of the POC Dinner Party. What used to be a small party on the 6th floor of the Madison has now gotten so big that it no longer fits in the room. It warms my heart to see how much it’s grown since the few years I’ve been going to WisCon, and I’m excited about all the new people I met there. I’m hoping to see a lot of them as the years go on.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who feverishly live tweeted the panels they attended. There were a lot of panels and unfortunately I don’t have a working DeLorean nor a Flux Capacitor to help me see every panel I could ever be interested in. The people who live tweet, whether a lot or a little, share the panel experience with those of us that aren’t able to attend and I’m grateful for it. Honestly, I could do a whole post just thanking them, but I’m exhausted.

All in all, while not totally devoid of fuckery, this years WisCon was good. I’m excited about next year.

Podcasts for Beginners #WC39

As I mentioned before, I was on a lot of panels at WisCon 39. They were super fun to do albeit somewhat energy and time consuming. This one was the first one I did and was totally worth going to even if I’d only gotten an hour of sleep beforehand.



Podcasts for Beginners #WC39

(Click the link above to go to the show page on the Nerdgasm Noire website)


Normally, I would wait until whenever I do my Catching Up post next month to post this, but I decided to post it sooner. This is on the Nerdgasm Noire podcast feed, but it’s technically not an episode, it’s more of an extra gem for the listeners. If you’re looking to start a podcast this is definitely helpful, because we let you know what to expect in the beginning and some good beginner resources. Hope you guys enjoy it!