For Your Consideration


So I love to write stories. I’ve been writing them since I was a kid and while they aren’t always good (that’s what rough drafts are for), they’re always fun to write. I never really expected to do anything with them other than share them with my friends, or keep them to myself in their digital storage space after I couldn’t keep them in my headspace any longer.

Then the year before last a call for submissions went out for an anthology of short stories that featured main characters who were kids from marginalized groups. I wrote a story called “Fear of the Dark” about a girl who’s scared of a monster that travels in the shadows and last year that story was published in the anthology Hidden Youth.

I felt proud of myself for maybe being good enough to share a story on a broader scale. To me, it was all I could ask for, especially since I was able to share it alongside other amazing stories. Funny, all these years writing and I can’t even come up with the appropriate words to explain just how excited I was (and still am, really) to have a story included in this book. I didn’t think I could be happier.

Then yesterday I was informed that Hidden Youth could be nominated for awards – like the Nebula Awards or the Hugo Awards – and in the midst of peacocking about potentially being in a(n) [insert LITERALLY any] nominated award anthology, I was told that “Fear of the Dark” could also be nominated for an award individually.

(Please excuse this next line of me forgetting how to use words again)



After a lot of jumping and screaming and thanking my momma and whatever deity would listen to me for just being eligible to be nominated, I finally looked up how a person actually gets nominated for different awards. I found that for the Nebula and the Hugo awards, members of SFWA and World Science Fiction Convention (respectively) are the ones who nominate and vote on them. I don’t know anyone (at least I don’t think) who is a member of either, so in order to get actually nominated, my best bet to to get the word out.

So, if you are a SFWA or Worldcon member, please consider nominating Hidden Youth and/or “Fear of the Dark” for Best Novel and Short Story categories. SFWA members can find nomination info for the Nebula here, and for Worldcon members can find info for the Hugo here.

I’ll also be making more posts with other awards that Hidden Youth and “Fear of the Dark” can be nominated for as well.