Podcasts for Beginners #WC39

As I mentioned before, I was on a lot of panels at WisCon 39. They were super fun to do albeit somewhat energy and time consuming. This one was the first one I did and was totally worth going to even if I’d only gotten an hour of sleep beforehand.



Podcasts for Beginners #WC39

(Click the link above to go to the show page on the Nerdgasm Noire website)


Normally, I would wait until whenever I do my Catching Up post next month to post this, but I decided to post it sooner. This is on the Nerdgasm Noire podcast feed, but it’s technically not an episode, it’s more of an extra gem for the listeners. If you’re looking to start a podcast this is definitely helpful, because we let you know what to expect in the beginning and some good beginner resources. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Today is the day this blog was supposed to have officially opened. However, because of the events of last week and the fact that I had the space available, I decided to ignore my originally planned start date and post a list of black owned businesses for people to shop at during Black Friday. That list has officially been moved here, so please check it out and let me know if you have any more businesses to add.

Now on to the main question: who the heck am I? Honestly the short answer is nobody. The long answer is I’m nobody who runs amuck on the internet being a smartass, specifically on Twitter. I’m also a podcaster for Nerdgasm Noire and co-own an online clothing store. If the name of my blog (and my podcast) didn’t give it away, I’m a huge nerd, but I’m also really into pop culture too, despite me being very critical of them both. I promise I’ll add all the places you can find me in an about me page later on.

I plan on using this blog to let my thoughts about all of the things I enjoy out. Hopefully they’ll come out concise, organized and humorous enough for people to read it. So please enjoy, comment and share if you like.