Catching Up: April and May 2015

So I didn’t make a Catching Up post last month because I was getting ready for WisCon but don’t worry I got the wrap up for the few things I did during April and May.

Arsenal for Democracy:

I was also in an episode of the Arsenal for Democracy radio show.

Take a moment to check those out if you can. Also make sure you check out the Nerdgasm Noire website! We’re going to start putting even more content there as well!

Catching Up: March 2015

So March was actually a pretty big month for me! Aside from my regular articles in Arsenal for Democracy, I also did an interview with Buzzfeed about Women in Nerd Culture. That was a fun experience, as I’ve never been interviewed for anything without having a partner or group with me. I was nervous, but the article came out great! You can check it at the link below:

8 Women Talk About Sexism in Geek Culture

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed


Also here are my March posts for Arsenal for Democracy:

Thanks for reading!

Catching Up: February 2015

So here I am again, neglecting this blog (aside from the #CareFreeBlackGirl videos), but I haven’t gone back on my resolution. I’m still writing more, just in other places, and I’m also working on a couple short stories to shop around. And then there’s the zine, which I am also still working on, but don’t think it’s as humorous as I had hoped. However there’s always time to rewrite, so I’m not too worried about.

However to make up for my absence here, let’s catch up on all of the other things I’ve written for other places, specifically for Arsenal for Democracy.

Make sure you go check those out!

Catching Up: January 2015

I’d like to think I’ve started the New Year off right. I’m writing more, like I said I would do in my New Year’s Resolution post, not just for myself but also for other places as well. Hopefully I’ll keep writing, I’m actually very proud of the fact that I’ve been able to keep this up for this long. If you want to read any of them, please check out the links below:

For Arsenal for Democracy

#BlackLivesMatter means just that, not that police lives don’t

France and Nigeria Terrorism: Dramatically Different Coverage

#ReclaimMLK: Why We Need a Bigger Picture of the Civil Rights Movement

Aside from that I’ve gotten so many ideas for stories and I even started working on a zine! I said I was going to sell it, but we’ll see after I get finished with the first draft. If I don’t absolutely hate it, I’ll sell it, but if I hate it, we must never speak of this project again.

Here’s to the upcoming months!