I Have A New Toy!

Over the Christmas break, I went and got myself a gift. I’d been looking at the Nexus 9 for awhile now and decided to finally go out and buy myself one. I’d never had a 9 inch tablet before, so the first thing I noticed while using it was that it was too big for my hands. My tweets and tumblr posts for the past week have been an unintelligible mess and I thought that the best way for me to fix it (and keep from scratching up my tablet) would be the Keyboard Folio from the Google Play store.

The Keyboard Folio looks fairly nice, however it doesn’t actually hold the tablet in it. Instead it sticks to the back of the Nexus 9 by a magnet. While I don’t doubt the magnet’s ability to stick to the tablet under normal circumstances, I happen to be a very clumsy individual. So the keyboard folio would not work for me.

Luckily, someone who understands my clumsiness suggested that I buy a regular case and get a separate Bluetooth keyboard. That same someone then gifted me with the Logitech K480 keyboard.

I’ve been elated with the thing ever since I got it. It’s sized small enough that it isn’t too much of a hassle to bring along with me (it’s only slightly bigger than my Nexus 9), but it’s big enough for me to type comfortably on it. It’s buttons are raised, which helps prevent mistyping and it can be paired up with up to three devices which are easily connected to the keyboard. It also has a dial that makes switching between your devices easy. It also functions like a regular keyboard would. Most of the PC and Apple key commands can be used with the tablet.

If you have a tablet and do a lot of writing on the go, I’d suggest picking one up for about $50 on Amazon. Trust me, it’s worth the money.

#BlackLivesMatter: Gaming Against Police Brutality

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and a lot of times folks in the U.S. are so busy wagging their fingers at what’s going on outside of this country, they forget or downright ignore the things that are happening right here. If you’ve been paying attention to any social media and at this point even mainstream media, then you should be familiar with trending topics like #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter. The internet has been an amazing tool in spreading the word about the police brutality that is still happening today in the U.S. and how detrimental it is to POC, specifically Black people.

Over at The Spawnpoint Blog, they came up with an idea to help in their own way. They’re planning on doing a gaming livestream this weekend to help raise money and awareness for a good cause:

“On Jan 17-18, 2015, we ask you to join with us and stream on Twitch. This happening will provide a deliberate space for you to have fun with the community, and to reflect on the unequal way people of color, and specifically African-American people, are treated by law enforcement. We will support the families of those that were lost by donating to the Eric Garner Fund, and The New York Lawyers Guild that continues to organize protests and bail funds for those imprisoned for exercising their 1st Amendment rights on this matter.”

If you would like to donate or would like more information on the event please check out the post on The Spawnpoint Blog entitled Want To Help Support Victims of Police Brutality? Here’s How! 

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve never been good at New Year’s Resolutions. Normally I make big plans to do things like read 50 books in a year, change my entire diet around, change my style, workout more. By the end of January, I’ve always given up on half of my big ideas, and by the end of February I can barely remember what I had promised myself.

This year, I’m planning to do a little better by having more reachable goals for myself. Instead of giving myself set goals that are a struggle to do, instead I’m going to try an do more. I plan to read more books than I did last year, I plan to eat better than I did last year. I plan on working out more. Wearing what makes me feel good more. Writing more. Doing more.

Cheers for doing more in 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!